OrdAPI - Bitcoin Ordinals API

Ordinals CLI is great but sometimes you just need an HTTP API with JSON output. Just query ordapi.xyz as you would any ord block explorer.

Due to OrdAPI being too expensive, we will shut down operations on the 1st of October 2023.
If you are interested in keeping us online or acquiring operations, reach out at ordapi AT benchlabs.xyz


Get the latest Ordinals inscriptions:Try

GET https://ordapi.xyz/feed

Get inscription details: Try

GET https://ordapi.xyz/inscription/:inscription_id

Get inscription by address: Try

GET https://ordapi.xyz/address/:address

Get inscription by sat:Try

GET https://ordapi.xyz/sat/:sat

Get tx:Try

GET https://ordapi.xyz/tx/:tx

Get tx output:Try

GET https://ordapi.xyz/output/:tx

Get block:Try

GET https://ordapi.xyz/block/:block_num

Get content (redirect to ordinals.com): Try

GET https://ordapi.xyz/content/:inscription_id

Get preview (redirect to ordinals.com): Try

GET https://ordapi.xyz/preview/:inscription_id

Disclaimer: While this API is currently being provided for free of charge, we may in the future add pricing to enable more features and scalability. Use the API at your own risk. OrdAPI takes no responsibility for the content in the inscriptions.